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12CH Digital Dimmer HS-C14



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12CH Digital Dimmer HS-C14

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Product Description

12CH Digital Dimmer HS-C14


12CH Digital Dimmer

Skill Specifications

Innovative digital DMX dimmer packed with 12 channels. This unit has two models

(A and B). CKC – 210A for 10A output per channel. CKC – 210B for 20A output per

channel. It possess the stand alone function as well as the use with DMX controllers

for dimming. For stand- alone function, the user can select any one of the 12

built-in programs with adjustable speed. For DMX use, it can be connected

1-12channel with the DMX address set from 001-512. Control curve can be

selectable from Switch to Linear.

It has the function of power failure memory, manual, master / slave.

Packing size: 570 × 540 × 320 (MM)

Net Weight: 21 KG


Digital LCD display, DMX input Max. Current / channel: 10A or 20A for options

Microcomputer control separate DMX addressing for each channel

Built-in 12 programs, speed adjustable

Phase correction activates linear dimming (0 – 100%)

Control curve selectable from switch to linear

Electronic protection against overheating and short circuits

Power failure memory function

With brackets for easier handling and using



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