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330W 15R beam spot wash 3in1 moving head light With CMY



330W 15R beam spot wash 3in1 moving head light With CMY

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Product Description

330W 15R beam spot wash 3in1 moving head light HS-MB330 With CMY

Power Supply: AC120v-240V 50/60hz

Power Consumption: 350W MAX
Lamp: Osram 330W,1,500hr,8000k(Optional YODN R17 350W)
Out put Lux: 10,500lux at 20 meters
DMX Channels: 3 DMX Modes-21/23/34 Channels DMX
Control: 3-pin&5-pin DMX
CMY: CMY Color Mixing System
Lense: Anti-reflective coated lense
Color:    6 colors+open
Fix Gobo: 14 fixed gobos+open
Rotation gobo:  8 rotation goboes+open
Focus: Motorized Focus
Zoom: 9°to 27°Variable Zoom Beam Angle
Prism: 3 face prism and prism rotation and 16 prism macro
Dimmer: Mechanical Dimmer 0-100%
Strobe: Variable speed Shutter / Strobe
Iris: Motorized Iris
Pan/Tilt: 540°for pan,270°for Tilt
Fixtures: Remote controller lamp’s switch function,display light and lamp’s using time
Structure: heat-proof plastic+module pressing alloy materials
IP rate: IP20
Weight: 23kgs
Dimensions: 409*419*541mm






1 Pan 1 Pan 1 Pan
2 Pan Fine 2 Pan Fine
3 Tilt 2 Tilt 3 Tilt
4 Tilt Fine 4 Tilt Fine
5 Color Wheel 3 Color Wheel 5 Color Wheel
6 Color Wheel Fine
6 Cyan 4 Cyan 7 Cyan
8 Cyan Fine
7 Magenta 5 Magenta 9 Magenta
10 Magenta Fine
8 Yellow 6 Yellow 11 Yellow
12 Yellow  Fine
9 Rotating Gobo 7 Rotating Gobo 13 Rotating Gobo
10 Rotating Gobo Rotation 8 Rotating Gobo Rotation 14 Rotating gobo index
15 Rotating Gobo Fine
11 Fixed Gobo 9 Fixed Gobo 16 Fixed Gobo
17 Fixed Gobo Fine
12 3 Facet Prism and Macro 10 3 Facet Prism and Macro 18 3 Facet Prism and Macro
13 Rotating Prism 11 Rotating Prism 19 Rotating Prism
20 Rotating Prism Indexing  Fine
14 Focus 12 Focus 21 Focus
22 Focus Fine
15 Zoom 13 Zoom 23 Zoom
24 Zoom Fine
16 Shutter 14 Shutter 25 Shutter
17 Dimmer 15 Dimmer 26 Dimmer
27 Dimmer Fine
18 Iris 16 Iris 28 Iris
29 Iris Fine
19 Frost 17 Frost 30 Frost
20 Speed of CMY 18 Speed of CMY 31 Speed of CMY
21 Speed of Pan/Tilt 19 Speed of Pan/Tilt 32 Speed of Pan/Tilt
22 Color Macro-CMY Color Wheel 20 Color Macro-CMY Color Wheel 33 Color Macro-CMY Color Wheel
23 Lam on&off Reset 21 Lam on&off Reset 34 Lam on&off Reset

Product Videos

Photos effect show:

Cabinet photos and color close effect:



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