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DMX controller51--063016ay

DMX512/1990New sunny controller



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DMX512/1990New sunny controller HS-C11

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Product Description

DMX512/1990New sunny controller HS-C11

DMX 512 / 1990 New Sunny Controller

Skill Specifications

DMX512 / 1990 Standard, total 512 DMX channels.

2 output interface with optical isolated, withstand 2000Vrms.

Control 32 computer lights, 16 Channels each.

Big screen with back light displays the operation parameter.

16 computer channels handle 1 speed handle.

Memorizing 1600 chase steps capacity. 48 chases, up to 100 steps each chase,

There are 15 environmental programs. The combinations for various scenes,

chase, and manual control to the light can be applied to the environment very quickly.

The music signal can be got from audio frequency circuitry input or internal mike adapter.

Data can be saved after powering off.

Green switch power supply installed internally with high performance and the harm

onic distortion with low power supply and big applicable scope of voltage is suitable

for all power supply in the world.

The imported durable button has high quality and can select special lights.

Connector: XLR – D 3F × 2

12V gooseneck lights can be applied.

Packing size: 540 × 490 × 200 (MM)

Gross Weight: 9.28 KG


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