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DMX controllerhking01--063016a

Hosenlighting HE King 2048 DMX console HS-HK2048



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HE King 2048 DMX console HS-HK2048

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Product Description

HE King 2048 DMX console HS-HK2048

▲ DMX512 / 1990 standard, up to 2048 DMX channels, optically isolated signal output.

▲ maximum control 200 computers and 200 road lights dimming, use pearl light library
▲ built-in graphics trajectory generator, 235 built-in graphics, user-friendly graphical fixtures trajectory control, such as a circle, spiral, rainbow, chase and other effects. Graphics parameters (such as: amplitude, speed, interval, waves, direction, cycle way, marshalling) can be set independently.
▲ 100 个 material, with four modes, more flexible.
▲ 150 one playback scenes, scenes for storing multi-step, single-step collection of scenes and scenes. Multi-step scenario can store up to 600 steps.
▲ backlit LED display, in English.
▲ off data retention.
▲ U disk backup and upgrade
▲ Professional gooseneck lights for outdoor performances use. (Optional)
▲ Power: AC100-240V / 50-60Hz


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