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New products Spark flame machine cold spark fountain



Product Description

Security Considerations:
1. Unauthorized repair is prohibited, or else it may cause serious accident.
2. Keep Sparctic dry and do NOT use in rain or snow.
3. Make sure the hopper lid is well covered when use Sparctic. Accidentally Burning
of Composite Ti can only use sands to extinguish. Composite Ti should be stored
in a dry sealed environment.
4. Keep audience and flammable material at a minimum distance of 3m from
Sparctic. Make sure sparks shooting out from Sparctic can NOT reach any objects.
5. It is necessary to clean the Composite Ti remains in the pipe before and after the
show. Check whether there are Composite Ti remains in the nozzle after each show.
If it does, please clean it up, or else it will affect the shooting effect or even
damage Sparctic.
6. Connection maximum is 6 pieces, and over-connection may result in damage or
even fire.
7. For better heat dissipation, do NOT block the air intake and air outlet.
8. Cover nozzle is prohibited.


Working Height:               1-5 meters
Working Temperature:   -10℃-50℃
Power:                                400w 3.6A (110V version)
400w 1.8A (220V version)
Fuse:                                  110V/10A, 220V/6A
Control:                             DMX
Net Weight:                      9.5kg
Dimensions:                     230*195*300mm
Max connections:           6 pieces

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