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Moving head light/

New Design Plus 320W Sharpy Beam Moving Light With Led Strips ring effect Sharpy Disco light

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New Design Plus 320W Sharpy Beam Moving Light With Led Strips ring effect Sharpy Disco light HS-MB320P

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New Design Plus 320W Sharpy Beam Moving Light With Led Strips ring effect Sharpy Disco light HS-MB320P

* Warranty: Within 2 year.[ free to repair, provide any accessories]

320w beam moving head light
Power supply: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Total power: 450W
Bulb model: original Philips bulb / Phoenix bulb 320W
The luminous flux is 7950lm, and the color temperature can reach 8500K
Ballast: electronic magnetic ballast
Control mode: DMX512/WDMX/self-propelled
Channel: 16 channels
Beautiful dot matrix display, four light touch switches, can be reversed 180 ° display
Color wheel: a color wheel, each color wheel consists of 14 color chips + white, adjustable rotation speed, two-way flowing water effect and rainbow effect.
Gobo wheel: fixed gobo wheel, 14 gobo effects + white light
Prism: 56 honeycomb prisms, 16 prisms, double prisms can be superimposed and can be rotated independently in both directions
Two-way rotation, adjustable rotation speed.
Focus: linear focus, from near to far.
With atomization function, the atomization speed is adjustable.
0-100% mechanical dimming, support mechanical strobe and adjustable speed strobe effect, support strobe macro function, mechanical strobe is 1-12 F.P.S.
Lens group optical system, electric focus, beam angle 0~4°
The photoelectric reset system is adopted, which can automatically retrieve and reset when accidental misoperation occurs
Horizontal 540°, 8Bit/16Bit fine-tuning
Vertical 270°, 8Bit/16Bit fine-tuning
With horizontal and vertical fine automatic error correction function.
Overheating protection
IP protection grade: IP20
AC/DC switching power supply.
Size: 320×220×580mm
Net weight: 16Kg



Q:Who will pay for customs duty?

A:It is buyer who should pay customs duty.

Q:LED Lighting use of the plug and voltage, is consistent with the normal use of my country standards?

A:Yes, we will be in accordance with the standards of electrical appliances in your country, to send you to meet the requirements of the plug, EU Plug, US plug, AU plug, UK Plug and so on.

Q:What if I’m dissatisfied with the product?

A:So sorry to hear that. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of your product. If you’re unhappy with it, please contact our Customer Service who will be glad to help.

When contacting Customer Service Team, please give your order number, a short description and a photo of the problem, so we can prevent these problems in the future.

Q:What do you declare goods to customs?

A:We declare it LED Lighting with lower price to help you pay less tax by default.

Q:May I get repair warranty?

A:We have one-year warranty in China, if you do not take the LED Lighting apart.

Q:Can we avoid tariffs?

A:Yes we can. If you need to avoid tariffs, please contact us in advance.

Q:Can we customize Logo?

A:Yes we can. If you need to customize the Logo, please contact us.



320W beam sharpy User Manual


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    Weight 35 Kg
    Dimensions 40 × 25 × 20 CM

    1pieces carton box packing, 2pieces with flight case

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    USA/Europ/UK/Canada/Australia by sea door to door, USA/Europ/UK/Canada/Australia/Japan/Korean by air, Russia/Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan/Turkmenistan/Tajikistan by truck, Other country in Asia/Africa/America, China(EXW)

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    EU, US, AU, UK

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