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Led stage light/Led follow spot light/

440W Led Follow Spot Light HS-FSL440


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440W Led Follow Spot Light HS-FSL440

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440W Led Follow Spot Light HS-FSL440

The latest LED440 long distance tracing lamp, features; do not preheat, with double focuslinear amplification function, this light is a very excellent combination ofhumanization and industrial design, appearance, light, light, light spotuniform. The lamp body is designed with aluminum alloy and high temperatureengineering plastics, and has good heat dissipation effect. The lamp bodyadopts a super quiet fan to dissipate heat. The product is fully in conformitywith the CE standard. The new high end LED light is a high power light, whichhighlights the actors or other special effects with a light column in the darkand half dark stage of the stage, or to make up for the actor. A tracing lampcan change a variety of colors. It has many advantages such as small size,light weight, convenience and so on. Very suitable for wedding, large andmedium performances, T show and bar use.

Control mode:manual single mode or automatic version forchoose

Optical system:Aspheric combination of high precision quartz lens

Safety measures:meet all kinds of safety standards, IP20 protection level, and power line meetCE20/22 three level standard.


  1. support voltage: AC90V~240V 50Hz/60Hz
  2. power consumption: 380W
  3. light source:LED300w
  4. color: a colorwheel (white, green, blue, yellow, red, orange).
  5. control system: keyboard or DMX512
  6. control mode:manual mode DMX512
  7. cooling system: high intensity air cooling + pure copper heat dissipation + nano heatconduction + aluminum profile heat dissipation.
  8. the LED brightness can be adjusted by rotating twisting and twisting around the leftand right
  9. aperture effect: the size of the linear aperture is adjustable
  10. color temperature: three (high temperature. Middle temperature. Low temperature)
  11. sluice:linear open stroboscopic
  12. channel number; 4CH default address code 1

Safety measures:comply with all kinds of safety standards, IP20 protection grade shell:aluminum alloy package.


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    Weight 35 Kg
    Dimensions 40 × 25 × 20 CM

    1pieces carton box packing, 2pieces with flight case

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