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8 eyes laser bar HS-LL8eyes


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8 eyes laser bar HS-LL8eyes

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8 eyes laser bar HS-LL8eyes

Eight hole swing beam laser lamp
Model: xl013
Rated voltage: AC110V ~ AC230V ± 10%
Rated frequency: 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Rated power: 60W
Laser color: R300 single red
Laser power: r2400mw
Laser pattern: a variety of thick beam effect patterns
Laser modulation signal: TTL modulation signal
Control mode: DMX-512 signal control, self-propelled mode, sound control mode
Control channel: 13 / 16 ch 512 channels
Laser light source: R red light: 300MW / 638nm r red light: 500MW / 638nm (optional) r red light: 150MW / 650nm (optional) g green light: 60MW / 532nm (optional) B blue light: 200MW / 445nm (optional) 500MW / 445nm (optional)
Scanning system: stepping motor
Scanning angle: ± 25 degrees
Cooling system: fan forced cooling system
Working environment: Indoor
Product packaging: carton
Lamp body size: 107 * 6.8 * 8
Inner box size: 110x15x23 cm
Outer box size: 112x33x25 cm (two large packages)
Net weight: 15 kg gross weight: 16.5kg




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    Weight 20 Kg
    Dimensions 60 × 30 × 25 CM

    1pieces carton box packing

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