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8 way splitters 4096 dmx channels network amplifier HS-Camplifier8


8 way splitters 4096 dmx channels network amplifier HS-Camplifier8

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8 way splitters 4096 dmx channels network amplifier HS-Camplifier8

ART-NET DMX converter 4096CH
• LAN <-> DMX bidirectional transmission, following V1.4 Art-Net protocol
• Can be set to server mode (input DMX) or node mode (output DMX)
• 4096 channels (8 DMX lines, DMX512 / 1990 standard, 40Hz refresh rate
• 32-bit ARM Core, built-in high-speed network chip 2 10 / 100M adaptive network port, can be cascaded
• IP and subnet mask, port order, domain, etc. can be modified by yourself
• Photoelectric isolation drive signal output, built-in TVS protection circuit
• Compatible and support software with ART-NET function, which can be used as a physical console extender for M1, Tiger, etc.
• Quick programming and synchronous music control through MIDI signals
• Support external physical console DMX signal to computer 3D software simulation (software with Art-Net input function)
(Such as support: WYSIWYG, EasyView 3D, Lighting Studio, etc.)
• With LCD liquid crystal display panel, you can directly change parameters such as IP and port ordering, and also support official website software modification.
• DMX signal output connector: XLR-D3Fx8
• Net weight: 1.4kg Gross weight: 2.6kg (including power cord and 8 XLR adapters)
• Product size: 48.2×13.6x 4.4 (cm) Package size: 54x20x 11 (cm)


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    Weight 35 Kg
    Dimensions 40 × 25 × 20 CM

    1pieces carton box packing, 2pieces with flight case

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