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Grand Ma F3 full size DMX console HS-GrandMA F3

Grand Ma F3 full size DMX console HS-GrandMA F3
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Grand Ma F3 full size DMX console HS-GrandMA F3

Technical parameters:

▶ Three Taiwan industrial 15.4-inch touch screens with higher brightness and wider viewing angle

▶ Full silent backlight professional mechanical key with adjustable backlight brightness

▶ Built in push-pull professional backlight mechanical keyboard with adjustable backlight brightness

▶ 7 industrial PUSH encoders imported from Germany

▶ American NXP industrial multipoint control unit, NXP logic chip

▶ Server level customized motherboard, server level customized memory

▶ The back plate of the electric display screen can be adjusted at any angle of 0-80 degrees

▶ Built in UPS power supply, with undervoltage and overvoltage protection function

▶ SSDs ensure safe data storage faster

▶ 2 work light interfaces, brightness can be adjusted through the console

▶ 1 master dimmer

▶ 1 master control electric push rod

▶ 2 electric A/B cross switching push rods

▶ 30 electric program execution push rods with touch sensing function

▶ One highly sensitive trackball, which can switch the mode to control the XY axis of the lamp

▶ 2 DVI connectors

▶ 50 execution program keys, 20 of which can be switched by user

▶ The X11-X20 button on the console supports the system’s function of starting F1-F10

▶ MIDI input/output interface, LTC time code function

▶ 2 Gigabit network interfaces

▶ 5 USB interfaces

▶ One 9-inch 10 point touch screen

▶ Six DMX outputs

▶ 1 DMX input interface (composite function can be changed to output)

▶ 8192 DMX channel parameters are built in the console

▶ 65536 control parameters can be reached through the network processing unit NPU

▶ Up to 32 session groups, up to 200 sites per session group

▶ Full laser, high-precision CNC machining case and frame

▶ The console can be connected to WYSIWYG 3D lighting design software, MADRIX, pangolin laser software, ARKAOS video server

▶ Support wireless remote control

▶ Synchronous operation can be carried out through the central control system R232 protocol to run the push rod program and time code

▶ Switch on/off of console can be managed through R232 protocol of central control system

▶ The operating system is Linux

▶ Wide voltage: 550W power


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    Weight 35 Kg
    Dimensions 40 × 25 × 20 CM

    1pieces carton box packing, 2pieces with flight case

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