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The king of spherical screens HS-LDSP08


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The king of spherical screens HS-LDSP08

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The king of spherical screens HS-LDSP08

Product Parameter

Size: Diameter 12m, height 10m (customizable)

Cabinet: a variety of special-shaped cabinets

Cabinet material: die-cast aluminum

Pixel Pitch:P8、P10

Refresh Rate:≥3840Hz

Super protection, all-round protection

GOB process without mask, waterproof and anti-collision

Hollow design, super windproof, efficient heat dissipation

Dynamic spherical design, can rotate and open and close

Giant energy ball, 360-degree rotating playback, super three-dimensionalComposed of 6 units, each unit can play video independentlyBroadcasting the natural beauty while turning it around, opening it up and letting it go


The picture is delicate and lifelike, easily restore the true colors

High brightness, high gray and high contrast, stunning image quality180°ultra-wide viewing angle, you can still enjoy the same excitement in different directionsOpen and close freely, the picture is bright


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    Weight 20 Kg
    Dimensions 60 × 30 × 25 CM






    Payment terms

    T/T 30%/70%

    Place of Origin

    Guangdong, China

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